Indy Bubble Socc​er Indiana's First bubble soccer league!

What is Bubble Soccer?

Bubble soccer is the newest craze sweeping the nation and quite possibly the most exciting sport that you will ever play. It is like soccer but with a giant inflated bubble protecting your body from about a foot above your head down until about mid thigh, leaving only your legs exposed in order to run around. This allows you to run around and safely bounce off other players causing you to fall harmlessly to the ground and even roll over doing flips. This allows the viewers to have almost as much fun and entertainment as the people playing.

The game was invented in Norway in 2012 where it is known as bubble football.  It quickly spread across Europe and is played in other countries such as Australia, Egypt and Japan. It is quickly becoming more and more popular in Europe and some even anticipate national championships and professional leagues in the future.

We have brought bubble soccer to Indiana and now is your chance to come join in and see what all the excitement is about!!!