Indy Bubble Socc​er Indiana's First bubble soccer league!

Frequently Asked Question's:

Who can play Bubble Soccer?

  • Bubble Soccer can be played by children as well as adults. We do recommend being in healthy shape because running around is more tiring than it looks! You’ll feel yourself a little tired after you’ve gotten knocked down a few times. Make sure to take regular breaks and to hydrate. Water will be provided. We do not recommend Bubble Soccer for anyone with a heart condition, overweight or pregnant. While not harmful, it is safe to regular users, under these conditions it poses a higher health risk.

​Is there an age limit to use bubble balls?

  • ​​Bubble Soccer is currently for ages 13 and up. The combination, however, of height, weight and strength of each person can contribute to how comfortable one feels playing.

Is there a weight limit to use bubble balls?

  • The minimum weight limit is 110 lbs.   We recommend a maximum weight of 225 lbs for the adult 1.5m balls. One could still play at heavier weight but it would put more pressure on the equipment. If you can fit into the ball comfortably you should be fine. Taller and thicker players may experience some challenges getting in and out, but just takes a little practice. Call for any questions or concerns.  

Is there a height limit to use bubble balls?

  • We recommend a height of 4'11" – 6′ 4″ for large 1.5m balls. These are approximate ranges as it also depends on how tall your neck and head are and how the back straps fit on you. We recommend having 4-8 inches of space above your head to the top surface of the ball to allow you to flip over.  Taller players using balls not suited for them play at their own discretion. Call for any questions or concerns. 

Can I get hurt using bubble balls?

  • The equipment has been extensively tested for the games it is designed for. Knee pads are recommended but not required. Even with the protection of a bubble, there are still risks involved. 

Can I play Bubble soccer with any preexisting injuries?

  • We do not recommend playing with any existing injuries.Playing Bubble soccer is actually more tiring than you think because you are often getting knocked down and put in positions you may not be too comfortable with initially. Of course that’s the fun of it. It’s a real great core body workout.

Will I have to play in a bubble that is covered in someone elses sweat?

  • No, the balls are sanitized in between each game.


What is the easiest way to get back up after being knocked down?

  • There are techniques to getting up quickly with less effort. We recommend rolling face down, use your knee's and step up one foot at a time.